Bericht vom 2. europäischen Nachfolgetreffen
zum Weltfrauenmarsch 2000 in Barcelona, 8. - 9. 12. 2001


World March, European Meeting. Barcelona 8-9 December 2001


Participants: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Nederlands, Italy, Galizia, and Valencia and Catalunya from Spain.
Sweden, Jugoslavy, Germany, Luxemburg and Turkey tried to attend the meeting but were not able for economical reasons. No more countries contacted the organisers of the meeting.


1. Information from the different countries about the present status of the March

All the delegates agree that the activities and contacts with old and new groups have diminished, but the presence of the March and its activity is maintained. Other common view is the participation in the campaigns against neoliberal globalisation (ANG) and against the war.

Galizia: Creation of their own Platform Against War. Activities during local government elections. No ANG social movement is present at the moment there.

Belgium: A net of women groups has been developed and they participate in different platforms: Against repudiation of women with participation of immigrants. About prostitution. Maternity assistants laboral conditions. 8 Mars project " Women's Parliament" to analyse women's reivindications status. Co-operation with Latino american women in order to make the European deals to respect the women rights in Latin American countries, Denounce the project that will build a new "franch zone" from Puebla in Mexico to Panamá. Demand to the European Union (EU ) to make the Afghanistan women rights respect.

France: The National Council of Women Rights has fused with the March. This makes the March less visible inside the country but the March keeps its international projection. In 2000 more than 40 groups were created. They are preparing a national debate in Paris in mars 2002 with 300 or 400 participants. One of the points of the meeting will be the ties with ANG.

They participate also in the movement against war and the restoration of afghan women rights.

Switzerland: The activity has decreased after the 2000 but some groups have been active autonomously. They have participated in actions against the OMC. They are in favour of a European and world co-ordination structure even if it has not great strength. They understand the March like a "net" where each group works on its field. At the present they are involved in pro abortion campaign that will end in a referendum in June.

Nederlands: Along 2001 there has not been any co-ordination. Now they are going to concentrate first at global level and then locally. They are in favour of considering the effects of globalisation around the world and in Europe where they think that some campaigns are needed because women are poor in Europe. They have also some groups working on human and women rights.

Italy: In Italy the March is called against war, violence and poverty. They have been active in the antiwar movement. (120.000 people demonstration in Rome where women opened the demonstration and read a manifest). They work in the G8 campaign in Genoa but there thy were no very visible but a month before thy organised a meeting in Genoa bout women and globalisation. Among the Italian Social Movement they participate in the Social Forum that started in many Italian city's.. They made a forum against OMC. There will be a national co-ordination meeting the 20 of January in order to prepare the Porto-Alegre meeting. They work together with the social movements on unemployment, and against the immigration law. The political situation has changed a lot with the new government.

Catalunya and Valencia: Most of the groups of women from the 50% of the country that joined the March have disappeared nevertheless some groups from Asturias and "Pa=EDs Vasco" are still in touch with Catalunya and Valencia. In Catalunya most of the groups are not connected. The march in Catalunya has been very active in the Campaign against the World Bank that had a meeting in Barcelona of one of its workgroups last June. An alternative Conference was prepared and the March co-ordinate the Women and Globalisation workshop. Some women of the march participate in the demonstration of Genoa. Participation in the platform against war. In Valencia they have elaborated different material as tools of pedagogic work for beserooted groups, imprisoned women, etc about violence, poverty, lesbianism and others. They organised a debate about this items in October 2001.

2. Specific work by the groups created in the last meeting in Paris:

France: The lesbian group are working in the creation of an European net. They are from the group called "lesbian pride" and the national organisation. Now they are working on Lesbianofobia. They are trying to find the way to work closer to the March in 2002.

Galicia: They made a proposal for the 24 of May about women and militarism. Thwy also proposed recently another post-card campaign against the war.

About abortion the co-ordination of the different campaigns it is driven by France. (Maya)

In Switzerland the lesbian movement and the abortion movement work together.

In Italy there are no co-ordination with Lesbian movement.

In Paris it was no clear haw to co-ordinate the different countries that are working on the same field.

It is proposed :

  • to make the information circulate as much as possible
  • to send a solidarity document with the Portuguese women in trial for abortion
  • to try to work about violence that nobody is going to deal with, if we d'ont take it.

    3. actions against the BM and FMI

    4. Relationship with other social movements: mixed organisations anti-globalisation.

    The common experience are the difficulties found with some antiglobalization groups and the difficulties to present our own alternatives. It seems necessary the elaboration of our own antiglobalization theory.

    Catalunya: The workshop about women and globalisation in the campaign against the MB had many participants, one of the greatest participation. We participate in the workshop about Resistant Movements. We had problems at the beginning when some members of ATTAC were not in favour of a workshop about "women and glob..". The text given in October 2000 to the MB and IMF was distributed. We participate in the campaign against the WTO.

    France: It is necessary that the social movements recognise the women movement specially at the international level. It is necessary to have our own agenda of mobilisations and our own reivindications. It is necessary the co-ordination of the European women because the EU is the expression of the liberalism that affects Europe and has great influence in other countries.

    Switzerland: a women workshop against the Davos Forum was done with participation of women of the World March but all of them referred to their organisations and no to the March.

    Galizia: As far as the antiglobalization movement is not present in Galzia they are the only antiglobalization movement there. They have build their own platform against the war.

    Belgium: The World March has obtained the Europe Award. This is a great symbolic recognition without any economic counterpart and since the March Belgium women's organisations are broken.

    5. information about last Montreal meeting and discussion:

    The conclusions can be found in the web page or the F.F.Q.uebec

    September eleven was widely discussed and a document against the war was consensuated.

    The objectives of the march were discussed and agreements were obtained about:

  • Exercise pression on the international organisation MB, IMF, UNO and making differences between financial and political institutions.
  • Continue with the World March
  • Maintain the co-ordination and solidarity among the groups
  • Promotion of the idea of egality
  • Promotion of social rights movement and popular education
  • Promotion of sexual option rights, abortion and contraception

    To maintain the international co-ordination a committee has been elected till the end of 2002. A new meeting in Mexico at the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003 will elect a new one. During the WSF of Porto Alegre the international committee will discuss about structure, funding, lesbianism and situation of the world. The European delegate will be Michele from Switzerland.

    Some workgroups were created:

  • Bresil: The preparation of the WSForum
  • Italy: economic alternatives
  • Quebec: lesbian rights and popular education
  • India: violence

    There was an agreement to induce the governments to find political and peaceful solutions to the conflicts to establish bonds with the social movements against globalisation keeping our independence. There is a need to find ways of funding. At the end of the 2002 a new co-ordination meeting will be prepared. A world action in 2005 was proposed.

    6. Discussion

    A debate started about the proposal that the March becomes an NGO and some think that it would make the organisation too stiff and others think that the march organisation has to keep closer to te root based groups. The ideal would be a co-ordination with some workgroups. The information must increase and circulate to prepare tue 2005 and try to give the European view to the international meeting that will debate those items.

    We have to keep the initial will. For many countries the 2000 was the start point.

    Before the opening of the las debate on Sunday we agreed to send the adhesion to the Portuguese women and to make a call to all European women to support the defence of the contraception and abortion women rights.

    Cristina from Belgium will send in a short time a document against the WTO .

    The following proposals were accepted:

    European co-ordination:

  • Increase the co-ordination and improve the information distribution. Contact all countries and specially east ones.
  • Co-ordinate different debates and make each group responsible of one of them
  • Bring back the European platform

    There are some items where a need of co-ordination of all women of Europe will be necessary:

  • Immigration, prostitution, traffic of humans. Those problems are part of an economical structure.
  • Basic rights to education, health, democratic rights
  • Reproductive rights end Lesbian rights
  • Women workers rights
  • Participation in anti war movements and anti globalisation with our own proposals including the antipatriarchal dimension

    The Mediterranean Social Forum organisation at the end of 2002 or the beginning 2003 in Italy and in Barcelona has been discussed. The march and the women movement may take advantage of those meetings to organise a meeting about the sexist economical liberalisation the days after the meetings. This debate will go on in PortoAlegre among those present there.

    A debate about the effects of economic and all aspects of globalisation on women is proposed. A summary of the existing works about this subjects will be co-ordinated by Carmina from Valencia

    France will try to study an economic proposal for the development of the march.

    Next meeting will be in Italy during the two first weeks of July.

    Pillar and Marcela collected this information.


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