Ankündigung zum europäischen Treffen
in Utrecht, Oktober 2003


Meeting of the European network of the Worldmarch of Women


Utrecht, June 16, 2003
Dear Colleagues,

with this email I want to inform you about the progress of the next meeting of the European network of the Worldmarch of Women.

The meeting is planned on: September 26, 27 and 28 and will be held in Utrecht.

On September 26th, we will start (as usual) at about 18.00 H with the country-reports. On the 28th we will finish at 16.00 H.

The registration fee not be more than Euro 75.-.

To plan all the arrangements, I want you to ask to send me (as soon as possible) the following information about your possible presence.

Attention: this is not the official registration-form, this is an inventory. We need the information to rent a meeting-room and translation equipment etc.



I will sure be at the meeting in Utrecht
I will sure not be at the meeting in Utrecht
I am not sure about my presence, but I am trying to be there.

I speak the following languages:
English: (YES or NO)
French: (YES or NO)
Spanish: (YES or NO)

I will send you later information about hostels/hotels I Utrecht.
Could you please let me know if you want to use private housing?

You can send the information to:
Or fax to number: +31 30 2343255, write on the address: WMW to Charlot

I thank you very much in advance and hope to see you in September with as many women as possible!

Charlot Pierik
Wereldvrouwenmars Nederland


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